ChargeShare was built on the foundation that we wanted everyone to have the chance to be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable future. We have chosen to provide 3 different tiers: contribute, investors, and partnerships. Investing in ChargeShare can be viewed from two avenues, financial and partnership opportunities. An Investor is seen as someone who is an individual seeking to give a substantial investment to ChargeShare, investments under $1,000 should see the Contribute page. Investors receive both dividends and other perks based on investment. Partnerships are mutually decided agreements with ChargeShare that can include investment, code sharing, fleet charging rates, joint venture service sharing, and much more. Below you can see the differences between the two. We appreciate your interest in joining us in our mission. The Investors and Partnerships pages can be accessed using the blue text or navigation drop down.


Contributions exceeding $1K can gain access to exclusive finance rates and options  


Contribute through ChargeShare’s crowdsourcing platform and own a portion of the EV revolution


Any business or organization may apply for a no-cost DC fast charger installation 

*based on B2B partnerships or partnerships with ChargeShare. Contact us for more information.